Immigration Chambers LLP Asylum & International Protection

We can provide legal assistance at all stages of the asylum process, whether that be in preparation for your asylum interviews with the Home Office, or providing legal representation at the Tribunal where your claim has been refused. We can also provide legal advice in relation to other forms of international protection, such as where your stay in the United Kingdom may be justified on humanitarian or human rights grounds. We can assist in reuniting you with your family members following a grant of asylum and even where your asylum claim has been refused and all appeal rights exhausted, we can assist in reviewing any “fresh evidence” you may obtain and prepare further submissions to submit to the Home Office on your behalf.

Our specialist solicitors can provide expert legal advice on all things relating to asylum, human rights and humanitarian protection applications and appeals including, but not limited to:

  • Legal advice and assistance on the Home Office asylum procedure and process
  • Representation in appeals before the First-tier and Upper Tribunals
  • Family Reunion
  • Fresh Claims

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Disclaimer: The above information is for general reference only. Specialist legal advice should be sought.