Immigration Chambers LLP Applying for Travel Documents

You can apply for a document to travel outside the UK if you are not British and cannot use or get a passport from your own country. For most applicants, when you have been granted refugee status but before you apply to become a British Citizen, you will wish to apply for a Travel Document to travel outside the UK.

- You must be living in the UK for one of the following reasons:
- You have permission to stay as a refugee or stateless person.
- You have humanitarian protection for a limited time after a failed asylum application.
- You have discretionary leave for a limited time after a failed asylum application.
- You’re settled here permanently (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’).

If you have not been given permission to stay as a refugee or stateless person, and instead have Humanitarian Protection, discretionary Leave or Indefinite Leave to Remain, you must show that you’ve formally applied for and been unreasonably refused a passport by the authorities in your country.

How can we help

We will offer you a fixed fee service and we will undertake the following work on your behalf. Applications for UK Travel Documents are submitted to the Home Office Online.
We will meet with you and assess you are eligible to apply for a Travel Document and obtain all relevant information and identity documents. (If you are not a refugee or stateless person we will fully advise you on the evidence you require to obtain from your embassy relevant to them refusing to issue a passport to you which in turn will allow you to apply for a UK Travel Document).
We will prepare the application online and check it over with you before it is submitted.
We will assist you in processing payment for the fee charged by the Home Office for the Travel Document application.
We will forward a paper copy of the application to the Home Office along with your passport photographs.
We will advise you when we receive your Travel Document and confirm with you all the details are correct.