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Are you planning on visiting the UK for a short period of time? You may need to apply for a standard Visitor Visa UK.

Oracle Solicitors team of highly experienced immigration lawyers in London and Belfast are here to assist you throughout the application and advise you on which type of visa you need.

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What is a Visitor Visa UK?

The standard visitors visa has replaced all previous visitor visas.

Eligibility for a UK Standard Visitor Visa

One of the most important requirements when applying for a Standard Visitor Visa is being able to prove that you will leave the UK when your visa expires.

How this will be established:

  • Your immigration history will be checked
  • By looking at how frequently you visit the UK
  • Whether you have a return flight booked
  • The credibility for your visit to the UK
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Judicial Review
  • Marriage Visa
  • Naturalisation

You must also be able to show how you will support yourself and any other dependants financially during your stay in the UK.

You will need to provide evidence of any business or activities that you are seeking to do while you visit the UK.

Other Information about UK Standard Visitor Visas

While on a temporary visit to the UK, there are a number of things are you are not permitted to do and these are:

  • Marry or register a civil partnership
  • Receive public funds
  • Undertake work that is either paid or unpaid

Entry Clearance

Prior to arriving in the UK, you may need to receive entry clearance from the UK Border Agency.

To find out more about the different types of entry clearance contact us now.

It is of vital importance to seek legal advice should you have any questions about which Visitor Visa UK you should apply for and to help with making the application as straightforward as possible.